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My Approach


Specialist-Level Care for Every Shoulder Problem

As a regional shoulder specialty center we see a wide variety of patients with shoulder disorders ranging from common to complex. We understand that every patient is unique, and we try to provide the best treatment for each individual by first understanding their particular problem, lifestyle and goals. We then match our treatment to their situation rather than using a “one size fits all approach.”

We seek to use non-surgical options when possible, such as therapy, injections and cutting edge regenerative medicine when appropriate. In fact, the majority of shoulder issues can be resolved without surgery. In situations where surgery is needed you should feel confident knowing that you are in the hands of an experienced surgeon who specializes in your problem.

Caring for Our Patients

First and foremost, we provide our patients with the type of medical care that we would want for our family members and loved ones. We believe that truly caring about patients is the most important ingredient in medicine.

Staying on Top of Our Game

We continuously evaluate our results through patient research to ensure that we are obtaining the best possible results. Furthermore, we are one of the only shoulder surgery centers in the country to publish this information for patients to review.