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Chattanooga, Tennessee Ream and Run Patient Travels to Virginia Beach, Virginia

   Scott Hensley had lived with shoulder pain for almost 20 years. A lifelong weightlifter, Scotts’ shoulder range of motion had become very limited, and his workout routine became increasingly painful. He was unable to sleep through the night without eventually awaking in excruciating pain.

   When deciding how to proceed with his shoulder pain, it was important to Scott to find an alternative to traditional replacement surgery that would allow him to continue lifting. Upon researching the Ream & Run procedure online, Scott discovered that Dr. Carofino not only trained under the pioneer of the Ream & Run, Dr. Matsen, but was performing this specialized procedure just a few states away. He decided to travel from his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee to have surgery wtih Dr. Carofino…. and he is sure glad that he did!

   Even though Scott was over 8 hours away, he was impressed with Dr. Carofino’s responsiveness and accessibility after surgery. “I felt like he was more willing to make sure I was comfortable, and answer all of my questions, than doctors I have been in the same room with during a scheduled appointment,” Scott explains. “It was a great experience.  Everything went well and everyone I encountered, along with the facilities, were top notch.”

   Today, Scott is back in the gym, weightlifting pain-free four days a week, and sleeping through the night. “I don’t feel like I have any limitations… doing this [undergoing the Ream & Run Procedure] was such a great decision. It has improved my quality of life moving forward,” Scott reports.

   If you are an active adult who needs shoulder replacement, and would like to continue your active lifestyle, you may want to learn more about the Ream and Run shoulder replacement.

   If you’re affected by shoulder arthritis and you would like to learn about your treatment options, contact Dr. Carofino’s office and discover why patients travel from across the county to see him.

   Also check out these great outcome videos of Scott. The first link ( is at a 6month outcome, and the second link ( is a 1yr outcome!

Brad Carofino, MD Dr. Brad Carofino is a board-certified (American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery), fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder & upper extremity surgery. Dr. Carofino is an expert in shoulder replacement surgery, minimally invasive arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, and complex reconstructive procedures of the upper extremity.

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I enjoy sharing this story because it is a testament to patient's who are seeking a solution to shoulder arthritis who want to remain highly active. I am grateful for patients like Fred who give me the opportunity to improve their overall quality of life!