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Another successful SCR…#2/2017


Superior Capsular Reconstruction

Recently, another patient of mine had to undergo shoulder surgery that consisted of an aSCR. This patient had a traumatic fall and ended up tearing her rotator cuff. The rotator cuff on an MRI showed a massive tear. When planning for surgery we need to be prepared for anything. This case calls for a possible SCR versus a normal rotator cuff repair. As shown to the right and below this rotator cuff was irreparable. During surgery, we now converted to performing a grafting procedure known as the superior capsular reconstruction. This surgery is performed when someone has lost a large majority of the superior rotator cuff due to a massive tear. When this occurs, the ball of the shoulder rides high in the joint as the superior capsule is not longer helping the ball in place. If this is not addressed, the patient will develop arthritis, and at that point, will require a reverse total shoulder replacement. Studies are showing that this procedure will adequately hold the ball in the socket as native tissue normally would. This procedure is technically challenging and requires a skilled surgeon. Popularity is growing for this procedure as a bridge between living with a massive tear and needing a reverse shoulder replacement. Please visit my superior capsular reconstruction page and my reverse total shoulder replacement for more information on both topics!