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Double Total Shoulder Replacement


Hello, my name is Fran Worthington and I am writing to encourage anyone out there needing a total shoulder replacement to do it! Dr. Carofino performed a double total shoulder replacement of both my shoulders within a 3-4-month time frame. I had my left shoulder replaced at the end of December 2012 and the right in March 2013. I could not be more grateful for Dr. Carofino’s skill and expertise in shoulder replacement surgery. The term I like to use when people ask how my shoulders feel…”Fabulously” well! I am now back to doing the simple things in life that I was unable to to do before my surgeries. The picture aside of me playing piano is something I recently began doing that I couldn’t imagine doing before surgery because of the pain! If you are hesitant in doing a shoulder replacement but you know you need to do, you should at least feel confident that you are in the right place to have it done! Thank you Dr. Carofino for everything as well as your wonderful staff!

If you are in need of a total shoulder replacement, please request an appointment through the button above!