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Man Travels from Pittsburgh for a Ream and Run Surgery by Dr. Carofino


On January 19 it was one year since my ream and run surgery with Dr. Carofino. I put off surgery for 6 years because I was a 57-year-old active person and wasn’t comfortable with the risks associated with normal shoulder replacement. I felt I would wear the plastic glenoid (socket) out.

I came across ream and run surgery on the Internet and contacted Dr. Carofino. It’s been a satisfying challenge. The doctor, his team, and the hospital were outstanding. I sent X-rays down to him and went down for a visit. I scheduled surgery and it all went very smoothly. This was very comforting given that I came from out of state (Pittsburgh, PA to be exact)!

The recovery was a long, steady process. You have to be ready to work. In the first weeks of stretching, I would do a happy dance when I finished! Those first weeks are the hardest. You have to do the rehab! I never missed any rehab work. My physical therapists handled many shoulder replacements, but I was the first ream and run. I would improve and stall, improve and stall, but always kept moving forward. When I was having a bad day I would think back 2 weeks and realize the progress I was making. Take notes of your progress, it will help you see your progress and stay positive.

An 18-month recovery is typical and I think that is about how long mine will be. I can do things now I couldn’t do before the surgery. Some of these cause me mild pain because of muscle weakness but everything is still improving every day. I no longer have pain at rest like before the surgery and I sleep without pain.

The three things you need are great doctor, great physical therapists, and a strong attitude. I had all three!