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One Year After Surgery, a Total Shoulder Replacement Patient “Couldn’t be Happier”


Hello, my name is Sue Kellam and I’m writing this testimonial to encourage anyone needing a shoulder replacement to do it. And to let you know that you are with a great surgeon and team!

I was 69 years old at the time of my shoulder replacement. My right shoulder was replaced on January the 12, 2016, because I was living in near-constant pain and had limited range of motion.

Beginning physical therapy right away was very important, and I really stuck to my PT schedule. Dr. Carofino’s post-surgery instructions, including making sure I understood how to properly begin moving and stretching my shoulder, set the tone for my healthy recovery. The whole process was generally pain free!

I recently had my 1-year follow up with Dr. Carofino and I couldn’t be happier with my shoulder! I have no pain, and my motion of the shoulder is terrific. I have been able to return to all daily activities and I have so much confidence in my shoulder when needing to lift something. This picture is just a simple thing I wouldn’t be able to do before having my shoulder replaced. I can now install new draperies all over my house!

My motto has always generally been, “Do what your doctor tells you to do!” That motto has worked for me with Dr. Carofino!