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Pectoralis Rupture Repair Returns North Carolina Police Chief to Full, Active Duty


Hello my name is John Cueto and I am the chief of police in the Town of Duck, North Carolina.  While performing a “cooper standard” exercise consisting of one repetition at maximum strength, I tore both pectoral tendons away from my humerus at the tendinous junction. This was a serious injury that I feared would end my law enforcement career.

Dr. Carofino performed restorative surgery (pectoralis rupture repair) to reattach both tendons to the arm.  After a lengthy recovery and intense physical therapy that lasted more than eight months, I was able to return to work on full duty, and to my favorite hobbies, sports and exercise. I am grateful for the skilled surgery that gave me my life back. I presented Dr. Carofino with the challenge coins below as a token of appreciation.