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Ream and Run Arthroplasty from Illinois!


Hello everyone, my name is Jeff and I’m writing to thank Dr. Carofino and his staff for a great experience with my ream and run arthroplasty. I’ve had deteriorating right shoulder pain for several years. I’m retired military and underwent previous surgeries to the shoulder, and unfortunately developed bone on bone arthritis. I was told all I could do was undergo a total shoulder replacement, but that the replacement would only last 15 years give or take. As a 44-year-old that is not the most encouraging news! I thought I would need to bear the pain for years to come until older to have a replacement performed.

One day about a year ago I was listening to a podcast about fitness, as I exercise regularly. Coincidentally they were talking about needing a shoulder replacement at a young age.


They mentioned the Ream and Run arthroplasty and I later I did some research on the topic. Enter Dr. Carofino…


In searching for a physician who performs this surgery, I came across Dr. Carofino’s name. I saw he trained under Dr. Matsen in Seattle, Washington who is the surgeon that pioneered this surgery. This immediately gave me a feeling of comfort in knowing I was in a good place. I immediately contacted Dr. Carofino’s office and heard back from him personally within a day. After discussing my case, he concluded I was a good candidate for this procedure. However, to complicate things, I am from central Illinois. He put me in touch with his Athletic Trainer, Brice, who could not have been more accommodating. He helped set up a pre-op visit on a Monday, surgery on Tuesday, January 31st and a post-op visit the following Monday. He helped with directions around the area and a good location to stay while in Virginia Beach. Brice has also been in contact with my physical therapist back home who gives him updates on my progress and gets directions on how to progress me through the rehab protocol. The ease in which everything occurred from pre-op to post-op to me sending x-ray updates after surgery could not have been more smooth.

I am still currently recovering but my shoulder motion is greater than it has been in several years! I currently have over 170 degrees of shoulder flexion and have begun strengthening of the shoulder muscles recently (3 months’ post-surgery). I still have a long way to go but the future looks bright. If you are young and active but have developed shoulder arthritis, you need to go speak with Dr. Carofino…there are other options besides a traditional shoulder replacement!