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Total Shoulder Replacement success…one of many!


Hello, my name is Alicia Norwood and I am writing to thank Dr. Carofino for his surgical expertise and bedside manner when he performed a total shoulder replacement. I had my right shoulder replaced in February 2016 when I was 74 years old. I recently had my 1-year post surgery checkup and everything looks great. I have so much more function of my entire arm than I have had in several years. I also have no pain, which is the best part! The recovery is the hardest in the first 6weeks, however, you actually feel better than before surgery because the arthritis is gone. Stretching everyday is extremely important! Without this surgery, I would still be unable to do simple things around my home like get dishes out of the cabinet! Thank you Dr. Carofino for improving my quality of life. If anyone needs a shoulder replacement performed, you are in the right place!