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Rotator Cuff Repair, 9D


Patient 9D

This was a recent case that was done on a female patient of mine. She had sustained a rotator cuff tear that was diagnosed in clinic and an MRI confirmed the tear. The patient injured the shoulder while weightlifting. Please see the images attached to showcase the rotator cuff tear and how it looks post fixation. This patient had a small rotator cuff tear and follows our small rotator cuff repair protocol. With small tears, the patient will begin early motion within 3-5 days of surgery. The biggest risk factor following a small rotator cuff repair is the shoulder becomes frozen. This is called Adhesive Capsulitis. This will complicate the recovery and slow it down. Early motion helps to curb this side effect. Even with a small tear, recovery is a 4-6month recovery. 4 months being normal daily activities and 6 months being recreational activity and laborious work.