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Throwers Ten Shoulder Program Video


Throwers Ten Shoulder Program Video:

The Throwers Ten shoulder program video and handout are geared towards over-head (Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis) competitive and recreational athletes. It is a great in-season maintenance program that keeps the rotator cuff muscles toned and functioning properly as well as making a great warm-up for pitchers and position players alike.

The highest rates of injury for the over-head athlete are during “in-season” play. This usually occurs because the smaller muscles of the shoulder (the rotator cuff) become overworked and are strained. Athletes tend to place excessive forces on the rotator cuff without proper strengthening and neuromuscular training of the other shoulder blade muscles that add in the throwing motion. When throwers/hitters have excessive forces placed onto the rotator cuff, due to improper mechanics and weakness, this is when various upper extremity throwing/hitting injuries occur. It is essential to maintain proper throwing mechanics through muscle endurance and training to avoid shoulder rotator cuff strains and even tears.

The Throwers Ten handout is a great illustration, on top of the video, to instruct correct form and give you exact sets and reps to perform. I encourage patients to reach out to our practice via our email ( if you have any questions about the program and when you should be performing it.