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100+ shoulder replacements in 2016

Shoulder surgery is a team sport, and thankfully I have a great team. In 2016 we performed over one hundred shoulder replacements which is the most in Hampton Roads and among the highest in Virginia and North Carolina.

Why does this matter? Simply put, the more you do something the better you become. Research studies have shown that surgeons who perform higher numbers of shoulder replacements achieve better results and have lower complication rates. Equally important, surgeons who perform high numbers of one surgery tend to have developed efficient and consistent surgical teams. My shoulder replacement surgeries are always done with the same surgical team, same anesthesia provider and in the same hospital. Excellence is a product of consistency.

I have attached a graph of our 105 shoulder replacements broken down by the type of shoulder replacement. More importantly, I am thrilled to say that we had no major complications this year. Not a single dislocation, revised implant or deep infection. In the coming months I will provide my complete list of complications as I did last year.

Looking forward to another great year!

Brad Carofino, MD Dr. Brad Carofino is a board-certified (American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery), fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder & upper extremity surgery. Dr. Carofino is an expert in shoulder replacement surgery, minimally invasive arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, and complex reconstructive procedures of the upper extremity.

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