This past week Hope Solo underwent a “Ream & Run” shoulder replacement with Dr. Rick Matsen at UW in Seattle.

I was fortunate to train under Dr. Matsen during my shoulder fellowship. These pictures of Dr. Matsen and Hope bring back memories of morning rounds at UW. Dr. Matsen is showing Hope how to do her shoulder stretches which he has patients begin on the day of surgery.

Dr. Matsen developed the “Ream & Run” which is a specialized type of shoulder replacement for young and active patients.

The interest level in this operation is on the rise as people learn about its advantages. I am one of a few surgeons on the East Coast who performs the “Ream and Run” and have had patients from PA, WV, MD, FL come to see me because they are seeking a better option.

I am sure that Hope Solo will be another “Ream & Run” success story