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Frozen Shoulder Specialist

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Brad Carofino, MD

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If you find it difficult to move your shoulder in any direction without pain or stiffness, you may have a condition known as frozen shoulder. At Dr. Brad Carofino’s surgical practice in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia, several effective options, including minimally invasive surgery, are available to treat frozen shoulder pain and increase your range of motion. Schedule an appointment online or by phone to learn more about frozen shoulder solutions.

Frozen Shoulder Q & A

What is frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a condition that affects the motion of your shoulder in all directions. You experience frequent stiffness and pain during normal activities, like lifting your arm in the air and even laying down to sleep.

During the early stages of the condition, inflammation is present in your shoulder. This causes scar tissue to develop that results in stiffness.

What causes frozen shoulder?

In many cases, frozen shoulder develops for no specific reason. It is a common problem, especially if you have diabetes or are prone to shoulder strains, injuries, or fractures. These factors can trigger your body’s natural healing response, and excess amounts of scar tissue can grow.

Previous shoulder surgery can also cause excess amounts of scar tissue to form in the shoulder, leading to frozen shoulder stiffness and pain.

What treatments are available for frozen shoulder?

In most cases, frozen shoulder stiffness resolves with regular therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. Dr. Carofino provides guidance with effective stretching techniques that loosen the scar tissue around your shoulder to improve mobility.

If you have moderate to severe pain that makes it difficult to perform the necessary exercises, Dr. Carofino may recommend steroid injections to reduce the inflammation in your shoulder. Steroid injections can decrease pain and make it easier for you to do shoulder stretching and other exercises.

Do I need surgery for frozen shoulder?

The stiffness of frozen shoulder often resolves with daily exercises. If your symptoms aren’t improving after three months of nonsurgical treatment, Dr. Carofino may recommend surgery to remove the excess scar tissue.

There are two types of surgical techniques Dr. Carofino uses for frozen shoulder conditions.


Dr. Carofino administers general anesthesia for your comfort. During the manipulation procedure, he stretches your shoulder to tear the scar tissue. Once the scar tissue is broken up, your range of mobility increases while your pain decreases.

Arthroscopic capsular release

During this procedure, you receive general anesthesia. Dr. Carofino inserts a small tube with an attached camera and uses precise instruments to remove scar tissue and release a tight shoulder capsule.

Dr. Carofino reviews your medical history and current symptoms to determine if surgery is necessary for your frozen shoulder. He may also perform additional tests to ensure you are healthy enough for surgery.

To learn more about effective treatments for frozen shoulder, contact Dr. Carofino’s office by phone or by using the online booking feature.


*patient's inability to move shoulder prior to treatment