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Labrum Tear Specialist

Brad Carofino, MD -  - Shoulder and Hand Surgeon

Brad Carofino, MD

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Persistent pain in your shoulder can be the result of a number of conditions. If you also experience instability in your shoulder and frequent dislocations of the joint, you may have a labrum tear. At his surgical practice in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia, Dr. Carofino offers comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for labrum tears, including minimally invasive surgery. To learn more about repairing labrum tears, schedule an appointment online or by phone.

Labrum Tear Q & A

What is the labrum?

Around the rim of your smooth shoulder socket is the labrum. This part of your shoulder is responsible for ensuring the ball of the humerus bone stays in the socket.

The labrum is a stabilizer and doesn’t move. In some injuries, such as shoulder dislocations, the labrum can tear. Classification of tears to the labrum depends on their location and include:

  • Bankart, or anterior, tears
  • Reverse bankart, or posterior, tears
  • SLAP, or superior to anterior, tears

What are the symptoms of a labrum tear?

If you have a labrum tear, you may experience symptoms like:

  • Persistent shoulder pain
  • Shoulder instability
  • Chronic shoulder dislocations
  • Popping or clicking sounds

How is a labrum tear diagnosed?

Dr. Carofino reviews your medical history and list of symptoms. He also performs a physical examination to evaluate your weakness and levels of pain. If he suspects a tear, Dr. Carofino may request an MRI for a closer look at the injury.

What treatments are available for a labrum tear?

Dr. Carofino creates a custom treatment plan to relieve shoulder pain. He recommends treatment based on the size of the tear, the cause of the tear, and whether the labrum tear is acute or chronic.

Dr. Carofino may initially recommend surgical alternatives to relieve the pain of a tear. He may administer a cortisone injection to reduce shoulder inflammation and decrease your pain.

Physical therapy can also improve the strength of your shoulder muscles to reduce reliance on the stability of the labrum.

If your labrum tear is due to a traumatic injury or doesn’t heal with other therapies, Dr. Carofino may recommend surgery. He may also suggest surgery if you are young and active or are suffering from a large tear.

What surgical options do I have for repairing a labrum tear?

Typically, Dr. Carofino uses minimally invasive surgery to treat labrum tears. He makes small incisions on your shoulder and inserts a thin tube that connects to a camera. Using small instruments, Dr. Carofino repairs the tear.

Minimally invasive surgeries offer less recovery time than open surgeries. They also allow Dr. Carofino to use more precision when making repairs.

For more complex surgeries, Dr. Carofino can also repair labrum tears using open incisions if necessary. This type of surgery requires a longer healing time and increases your risk for complications.

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