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Shoulder Replacement Specialist

Brad Carofino, MD -  - Shoulder and Hand Surgeon

Brad Carofino, MD

Shoulder and Hand Surgeon located in Chesapeake, VA & Virginia Beach, VA

Chronic shoulder pain can disrupt your routine and make it difficult to perform your regular activities. If you are experiencing moderate to severe chronic shoulder pain due to shoulder arthritis or a massive rotator cuff tear, you may be a candidate for a total shoulder replacement. Dr. Brad Carofino is a regional expert in shoulder replacement surgery and sees patients at his offices in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia. Dr. Carofino performs over 125 shoulder replacements per year — the highest volume of any surgeon in the Hampton Roads area. Because of this high level of experience, his medical team provides shoulder replacement surgery using the most advanced technology to relieve pain and improve your quality of life. Schedule a consultation online or by phone to learn more.

Shoulder Replacement Q & A

What is shoulder replacement surgery?

During a shoulder replacement surgery, Dr. Carofino removes the damaged bone on the ball and socket of the shoulder and replaces them with an implant made out of metal and polyethylene, a medical plastic. This procedure is similar to that of a hip replacement.  

Why do I need shoulder replacement surgery?

Dr. Carofino most commonly performs shoulder replacement surgery for treatment of shoulder arthritis. Other conditions that may benefit from shoulder replacement surgery are:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Massive rotator cuff tears
  • Severe fractures of the ball of the shoulder (proximal humerus)

To determine if you would benefit from a shoulder replacement, Dr. Carofino performs an in-depth evaluation. He reviews your medical history, performs a physical exam, and obtains X-rays. If he needs further information, he may request additional tests such as a CT scan and an MRI.

What can I expect during surgery?

Dr. Carofino performs shoulder replacement surgery while you are under general anesthesia in the hospital. The procedure typically lasts for an hour and a half as Dr. Carofino works to replace your shoulder.

Following surgery, you recover from anesthesia for several hours while the medical team monitors your progress. You may need to take antibiotics to prevent infection at the surgical site.

When you can return home, Dr. Carofino may prescribe medications to alleviate pain and control swelling. He also provides an at-home care plan to ensure an efficient recovery.

Once you’ve had time to heal, Dr. Carofino may recommend light physical therapy to accelerate your healing and improve your shoulder functionality.

Can I perform my normal activities after shoulder replacement surgery?

After a proper recovery time, Dr. Carofino may release you to return to your normal activities, including sports. However, he may restrict any activities that require repetitive heavy lifting due to the damage it can cause to the replacement. Generally, he recommends that patients not lift more than 40 pounds on a regular basis with a replaced shoulder.

If you want to lift heavy weights or perform manual labor, you may consider a different type of shoulder replacement called a “ream and run.” Dr. Carofino is a national leader in the ream and run surgery, and he has attracted patients from throughout the eastern US and the Midwest.