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Virginia Beach Arthroscopic Superior Capsular Reconstruction; Case 5T


Attached in this post you will find a video of an arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction (aSCR) that I uploaded to Youtube. The aSCR is a new type of surgery that is done for very large rotator cuff tears that cannot be fixed. I am seeing tremendous results from this operation, and am glad to have a minimally invasive option for these patients.

In the past, patients with massive rotator cuff tears were told that their tear was too large to be fixed, or they needed a larger surgery such as a reverse shoulder replacement or tendon transfer. While many of these patients will still require a reverse shoulder replacement, there are some whom we can successfully treat with the minimally invasive aSCR. Please visit my page on rotator cuff tears for more information on the superior capsular reconstruction. If you believe you are a candidate for this procedure, please submit an appointment request or contact us so we can review your case!

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